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Toyota Fortuner 2016 priced from $ 35,000, Toyota my dinh

The second generation of the SUV, a comprehensive design changes from the inside out, cars sold with engine versions 3 and 5 optional equipment, the most advanced version costs $ 46,700.

After a series of photographs exposed, Japanese carmakers in Thailand officially launched the Fortuner 2016. The second generation of design Fortuner smooth, sleek style attracts different than before. Major changes in the exterior focus with Bi-Beam LED headlights automatically, grille, redesigned fog lights. Daytime running lights and LED rear lights form. Rear spoiler equipped, power trunk opens.
Toyota Fortuner priced from $ 35,000 in 2016 in Thailand.
Fortuner 2016 4795 mm in length, 1,855 mm wide, 1,835 mm high and 2,750 mm wheelbase. Compared with previous generations, Fortuner 2016 marginally better on the length, width, but lower.
Interior of 2016 Fortuner also redesigned, more spacious. MID Information System with 4.2-inch LCD screen, the new smart key. steering wheel integrated multifunction joystick and trigger switch. Automatic air conditioning system. There is also a 7-inch touchscreen navigation system integration, system connectivity T-Connect, Bluetooth, USB, AUX. 8 way power driver seat direction.
New generation SUV has three engine options include, a 2.8-liter diesel engine capacity of 177 horsepower at 3,400 rpm rev / min, maximum torque of 450 Nm from 1600-2400 rev / min .
Version 2.4 liter diesel engine capacity of 150 hp at 3,400 rev / min and maximum torque of 400 Nm at 1600-2000 rev range revolutions / minute. Toyota Fortuner 2016 also equips a 2.7 liter petrol engine with Dual VVT-i for a maximum capacity of 166 hp at 5,200 rev / min and 245 Nm of torque at 4,000 revolutions / minute.
Powertrain with a 6-speed automatic transmission combines Sequential Shift shifters on the steering wheel and cruise control (Cruise Control). Map lowest levels of floor equipment.
Safety equipment on the 2016 Fortuner include ABS, EBD, BA, traction control system prevents vibration (Stability Control VSC TRC), supporting downhill downhill.
Toyota Fortuner sold in Thailand in 2016 with 5 optional equipment included 6 colors for the exterior. Detailed price each version:
Toyota Fortuner 2.4 G MT 2WD $ 35,000
Toyota Fortuner 2.4 V AT 2WD $ 40,000
Toyota Fortuner 2.7 V AT 2WD $ 42,000
Toyota Fortuner 2.8 V AT 2WD $ 44,700
Toyota Fortuner 2.8 V 4WD AT $ 46,700

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